About Us

We have been blogging about real estate since the early days of 1999.

Because we have been here right from the start, we have seen a lot of change.

To begin with, we were the only real estate blog, in the area that we were based in. Of course, now there are many out there. But there aren’t many who have our long history!

Today, we cover nearly all angles and aspects of real estate in our blogs. From how to break into the luxury property market, to selling to first time buyers.

We educate and inform our readers, in things like mortgage applications and how to write your own successful blog for your website.

We try and bring our readers together and pool their knowledge together. Between us, we are much more than the sum of our total parts.

Our readers and our bloggers offer invaluable tips and advice, to each other and interested professionals with questions.

We have a question and answer section, where you can ask, or answer a question about some aspect of real estate.

This is one of the most successful areas of our site and many people have found it invaluable over the years.

We hope that you will too!