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Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas houses some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world where only less than 1% of the world population can even afford to live. These neighborhoods are not necessarily the most popular such as Beverly Hills but they are definitely super expensive that only the richest in the fields of business, medicine, law, and show business can afford to live.

These luxury neighborhoods in Las Vegas are composed of wealthy families that earn 1.86x the national median. If you’re asking where can you find these houses – that can go as high as 1.56x the national media – in Las Vegas, that would be Summerlin North.

Summerlin North has a household median income of a staggering $130,959. Summerlin is a master-planned community where one can find practically any and all amenities that is expected from a posh neighborhood. There are more areas being developed in Summerlin that is why this place is becoming Las Vegas symbol of extravagant and upscale living. To find the perfect home contact a Las Vegas Real Estate agent to help you find the ideal luxury home and neighborhood that is right for you!

Here are the top ten most expensive neighbourhoods in Las Vegas with their corresponding median household income: 1. Summerlin North ($93, 063); 2. Sheep Mountain ($91,857); 3. Tule Springs ($82,970); 4. Centennial Hills ($76,385); 5. The Lakes ($70,644); 6. Kyle Canyon ($70,048); 7. Lone Mountain ($69,700); 8. Desert Shores ($68,938); 9. North Cheyenne ($63,042); and 10. Buffalo ($61,538).

There are rich neighborhoods that didn’t make it to our cut but still worthy to have a special mention in this article. There is no specific celebrity neighborhood in the city where you can tour houses of famous people. Rancho Circle, just a few steps away from the Palace station, was once the richest neighborhood in the city. It became more famous as the location of Ted Bundy’s murder.

Another neighborhood serves as a home for Wayne Newton and Mike Tyson and some casino owners. The Spanish Trail is home to the Sultan of Brunei and Greg Maddux. The Spanish Trail is lovely, gated community that is attracting rich people who value privacy. Celine Dion, who has a regular gig in Las Vegas, chooses to stay at Lake Las Vegas, same with other famous athletes and celebrities. BMX rider and now a tattoo shop owner Carey Hart, who married Pick, have a home at Blue Diamond Rd.